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There’s so much to consume, so much to know.
We cut through that noise and get you focused on what your business needs to be successful online.

Cut Through The Noise.

Search Engine Optimization and Lead Generation Services

We handle your online presence and make sure your business gets found online. You handle the clients, we handle the traffic.

What happens when you work with us?

  • Improved rankings in the search engine results page
  • Visibility in Google’s Map Pack (now reduced to ONLY two organic results)
  • You become an online local authority in your industry
  • Your phones will ring more often with qualified prospects
  • Your pipeline will be constantly welcoming new prospects
  • Your sales team will have the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to close the prospects


  • By focusing on your entire online presence rather than just your website.
  • Creating and delivering content that places you as an authority in your niche and brings value to your prospects and clients.
  • By dominating the front page of your local Google search results by ranking organically and in the Map Pack.
  • With your custom sales funnel tailored to audiences with the highest conversion rates possible.
  • Retargeting your prospects through your online advertising.
  • Providing you and your team with the proper guides and tools in order to implement similar processes on your own.


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Expand your network and quality of leads with our guidance.



Get paid 24/7, 365 by converting leads online with our e-commerce solutions.



Target your clients with stuff they care about, when they care about it.



Functional online presence that is proactive towards your clients’ needs.



Get the proof you need when clients gush about you online to everyone they know.



Take full advantage of your online identity. We help you do that.

Priority/Time Distribution.

1. Market & Value Proposition Analysis
2. Determine Capacity and Build Offer
3. Create Campaign and Build Sales Funnels
4. Setup Autoresponder Sequences
5. Paid Advertising & Link Building
6. Build Re-Targeting Campaigns and Upsell Offers

Here’s how we do all the stuff we say we can…

Let’s say you’ve just started your online business and you’re servicing a local market. Right now your main goal every single day is to find clients, increase your brand exposure, and basically just get as many people as possible to know about your company.

Now, think about that.

You can go around telling everyone about your new business, you can tell their dogs if you want.

You just have to ask yourself one question, what does that do for you?

See, I know, exposure and awareness is everything for a brand. You’re not a brand yet though, are you?

You’re one of many other businesses trying to attract paying customers.
Keyword; PAYING.

Now, after you get over the excitement of starting a business and telling everyone about it, now you gotta figure out how to make money from it.

Now out of all the people that you mentioned your new business to, how many would be likely to pay you within the next 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 12 months, or maybe never?

Now, if you need money now to keep your business alive, which group would you target the most right out of the gate?

Of course the ones that you categorize as potentially making a purchase within 30 days.

These are your hot leads.

More often than not, this list will be more than ready to pay you depending on HOW you approach them.

What we do is focus primarily on that list of 30 day prospects. However, we flip the goal right on its head.

Your goal as a business is to generate a profit. Period.

I don’t need to throw around statistics, or cite sources for you to know that everyone is on Google. Prior to any major purchasing decision more than 60% of people whip out their phones and Google to figure out what to do.

We do it, They do it, and you do it too. Admit it.

So here’s how this SEO stuff works.

When someone has a problem, or a need, they go to and search for whatever ails them.

Whatever comes up first gets on average 40-60% of all of the clicks on that page.

That means for that search term, if 1,000 people search it, on average 400-600 of those people will end up on the website listed first.

Now, Google has integrated its Google Maps listings into its Web results when it pertains to Local Business listings.

They know this game very well as they have entered the market as well in some cities. You may have noticed that in some localities Google will populate a secondary search box in the search results for you to locate service based businesses in your neighbourhood.

This is mostly done in cities in the United States, like Bridgeport, Connecticut or San Jose, California.

Now, enough banter. Let’s get into the good stuff.

So first off we make sure you have a Google My Business account, and if you don’t, we kind of look at you funny and tell you to go and get it.

Once we get you verified by the big G and all that good stuff, then we get to work on optimizing your Google Business Listing. Our initial step is to ensure that your business information is accurate and ensure that is used for all mentions of your business online.

Then if you’ve already had a presence online we’ll go over where it stands and clean out any unnecessary and low-quality backlinks. The big G is smart, no more passing off low-quality or spammy links. Quality over quantity.

Next up is your website and online presence on social media accounts. We utilize a holistic approach by connecting your entire online presence to build one cohesive brand. Simply put, we make sure your website and social media provide your target market with content that is valuable which places you as a trusted authority in your industry.

No matter where people find you online, they can immediately see that you’re to be trusted with their money and know what you’re doing, as evident by the content we create and curate on your webpage and social media accounts.

This is our Onboarding Process and it sets up your business to be in a position to reap immediate benefits reflected by your increased quality of leads and bump in the search engines.

The reason we do this first is so that we can be on equal ground when we go to battle for you in the market.

Too many businesses fail to give their online presence the same respect as their bricks and mortar presence.

Just like a storefront has overhead and maintenance costs. Your online presence is your storefront, online.

If you can’t be found online, it’s akin to keeping your storefronts doors closed and lights off.

No one will know you’re open!

They’ll walk by, think your closed, and never think about your store again.

Online you have even less time to make an impression, so make it last, and make it a positive one.

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Get Heard Online.

Your success online is entirely dependent on two factors, the message you want your target market to hear, and the message that your target market actually receives.


Here’s What We Do for our Local Clients and Partners

On Page Search Engine Optimization.

Google My Business Optimization.

Local Google Maps Search Engine Optimization.

Copywriting and Content Creation.

Email Marketing and Automation.

Ecommerce & Sales Funnels

FB & Instagram Ad Campaigns.

Audience Creation & Retargeting.

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So here’s the deal, if you just want to know what we do and for how much, skip this section and click here to take you there.

If on the other hand, you’ve read everything on this site so far and you like what you’ve read and want to know more, GREAT!

First off, thank you! I greatly appreciate you actually reading this, and for that I’m going to tell you exactly what we do.

If you’ve read this far, it probably means you’re interested in our industry, which is online marketing, and that gives me reason enough to help you.

I get it, we’re not just some kids that grew up on the internet and can make websites, well, my point is, we’ve owned and operated local businesses ourselves. We understand each other more than you would even begin to fathom. The struggles of juggling the business with everything else you got going on in your life. Not to mention the pressure to get everything going and setting up your online business that’s going to make you rich. You know, the usual stuff.

So, what’s going to happen here is this. I’m going to throw an outrageous pricing chart below this block of text. The idea here is that a huge majority of people are just looking to see what something costs.

That’s their main determining factor if they want to make a purchase or not.

Here’s the thing, I’m in a position where I can realistically choose the people I want to work with. And that’s pretty simple to me, I want to work with anyone that actually WANTS to work with me.

It’s as simple as that.

So obviously I’m selling something, that’s why you’re even on this site reading this. Its sole purpose of existence is to drive people like yourself to pay me money. Here’s the thing, if you’re reading this you’ve already invested a good 5-10 minutes of your time with me, and I greatly appreciate that and will not let it go to waste.

Here’s the jist, the pricing table is only there to thwart those that shop based on price alone. I want people to WANT to work with me. My service to your business will always be based upon the needs of your business and what you prioritize for me. Only that. and I can never put a blanket price without understanding your business and your needs. We get to know each other’s businesses in order to really hammer down some great results that you can ride into the long-term.

Pricing Table Right Below!

Search Engine Optimization


Per Month
  • First Page ranking
  • Up to 4,000 words of Original Content (Copywriting or Blogs)
  • Google My Business Optimization
Get Ranked!

Direct Response Campaign


Per Month
  • manage 1 Campaign with up to 5 ad sets
  • Landing Pages and Ad Copy
  • Re-targeting campaigns using Custom Audiences from Pixel
Get Leads!

Let’s walk you through setting up your business online with our GMB and SEO Guide

This is going to be the guide most SEOs won’t want you to see.

Okay, let’s begin.

Let’s start from ground zero. Let’s assume you’ve just registered your domain and got your hosting setup with WordPress installed.

If you already have a business and website setup you can skip these first few steps and go straight here, that will save you some time.

The absolute first step is:

Begin Here to Launch Your Online Business

I. Setup Google Apps for Work

It’s going to cost you $5/month per e-mail but you have virtually unlimited aliases.

Plus it’s 2016, there’s no reason for your company e-mail to be or There’s no need for that when a domain and company e-mail will cost you less than $100/year.

Plus, these days, managing an e-mail server is an operation on its own. Why do that when you can use Google’s e-mail capabilities.

Now to explain what I meant earlier when I said you can use aliases.

So, let’s say you’re a one-person outfit for now, you know, you’re starting up.

We’ll go ahead and register the e-mail:

Now, in the admin settings I can go and add aliases. This means that I can use any other prefix to with the caveat that the aliases share the same inbox as the original account. In this scenario,

So we can have all of the following e-mails if we want:


And on it goes. So as aliases, any e-mails that these receive will be dumped into the same inbox.

Nonetheless, there are other options such as self-hosted, or even from your domain/hosting providers. They all provide it basically free for the first year.

Once your company e-mail account is setup you need to do this:

II. Register your Google My Business Account

Go to the Google My Business Page and claim your business by creating a listing. You will have to sign into your Google Account. I recommend you create a free gmail account for this, with the email being What? Why? You just told me to drop 5 BUCKS on a email, FROM GOOGLE!

I know I did, my memory’s not that bad, despite what my wife says.

Point here is, you never know what happens with your email, maybe a mixup with billing, something, you never know. At least you will always have your free Gmail account setup with your GMB Page.

Truth is, this doesn’t matter as much as you think it does, you can use your email if you please, doesn’t matter in the long-run as you will give management permissions to your if you use a free Gmail email in the first place.

So now that we’ve wasted time covering that bit, let’s get into it.

So once you click the big green button that says start now, then sign into your Google Account the next thing you’ll see will be a map and a search box meant for you to search for your business.

It will look like this:

SEO Guide - GMB Step 1

Step 1 of Google My Business Registration by 2 Feet Solutions SEO Guide

So assuming you’re doing this for your first time and no one is using your business name you’ll get a similar result as the picture above. You need to click on the last option in the dropdown menu that says

“I’ve correctly entered the name and address – Let me enter the full business details”

Nest up you’ll see this:

Step 2 - SEO Guide - GMB

Step 2 of Google My Business Registration by 2 Feet Solutions SEO Guide

While entering your listing information you may notice a section named CATEGORIES, this is Google’s main classification for your type of business.

PRO-TIP: search some competitors or big players in your industry in Google Maps and check out the first Category listed, that is usually what you should aim for, to be fair, this is just a quick and dirty trick, you should definitely do your research and figure this out for your business.

Enter all your info, then pay close attention to the last question before clicking that big blue enticing CONTINUE button.

Step 3 SEO Guide GMB

Step 3 – Are you a Service Business or Bricks and Mortar Business?


Now you need to determine what type of business you’re operating and whether you will be serving clients at your place of business. The main difference here is:


  • Only your City will be visible in search listings and Google Maps results.
  • Your Citations would just be your City, Province/State, Postal/Zip Code + Phone Number.
  • You get to select a radius for an area that your business services or define it with a Postal/Zip Code or by City.
Step 4 GMB Reg SEO Guide

Step 4 of Google My Business Registration SEO Guide by 2 Feet Solutions

I lied, you can still have your full postal address visible in search listings if you choose yes.

Step 4.5 GMB SEO Guide

Your last chance! Check this box if you want your Postal Address to show.

If you prefer to have your postal address visible even after choosing yes, you still have one more chance to do so, yay.





  • Your full postal address is visible in search results and Maps results.
  • You need to include your full postal address in all Citations + Phone Number.

You will have to verify your listing and that will come in the form of a code that is sent to the address you use to register your business with Google, so make sure you have access to the mail in order to get it in time because it comes with an expiry date.

Assuming you have all of your information such as Business Name, Address, Phone Number, and website domain, you will be good to go so just hang tight and wait for that postcard because we will get back to it once you receive it.

Stay tuned for more, I will be updating this daily until it is complete. I really underestimated how much words I would need to write to cover all of this. I really wanted to keep it short, but alas, no matter how you slice it, starting a business is no piece of cake. Go figure.

Still, I’m committed to breaking this down into easily digestible tidbits of pure value that you can take action with.

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As always, I am met with extreme professionalism. From the first conversation I had the sense that he was really focused on understanding my business and what I need rather than what he can sell me. Well, that sold me! I’ve worked with Abdul at 2 Feet Solutions over numerous projects and I will continue to work with him into the future, I advise anyone else that owns or operates a business to do the same.


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